Friday Fuckery: The Ed Hardy Boyz

It’s pretty clear by now that BCB loves to hate Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier and parties affiliated. And now for your FF viewing pleasure is Funny or Die’s “Ed Hardy Boyz: The Case of the Missing Sick Belt Buckle,” an edge-of-your-seat whodunit starring … Continue reading

White People Do Not Like People That Wear Ed Hardy…

But they still love wearing them some Ed Hardy…  Let me start by saying, I love Stuff White People Like (we link to it from our Blog Roll list to the right). Its got commentary on things we talk about all … Continue reading

That Gay Cowboy Dude is the Prince of Persia?

In case my Persian folks felt left out by Hollywood’s appropriation of minority fictional characters and transforming them into white folks, we at BcB bring you Prince of Persia himself: Wait, Jake Gyllenhaal!? Really? The Prince of Persia went side-scrolling … Continue reading

Dear Mr. Boot Cut Jeans

You’re everywhere. In da clubs, at da bars, in fancy Asian fusion restaurants. You change up your button up shirts, sometimes with stripes, other times with little dots, and when you’re feeling adventurous: little flowers. But one thing always stays … Continue reading

Asian-Americans vs. AzNs

This one will get me into some trouble I think. I’m going to be dissing my own people on this post, and its going to hurt many of my delusional friends. But maybe it’ll hurt first and then help eventually? … Continue reading